How to Have Caribbean Themed Parties at Christmas

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In most places around the world Christmas occurs during the winter when the weather is less than favorable outside. With Caribbean themed parties at Christmas you will be able to heat it up while offering guests something that is a bit different from any other Christmas party that they have attended.

Most companies are not able to fly their entire staff to the islands.  However there is no reason that they could not surprise their staff by hosting Caribbean themed party at Christmas.  Not only will staff be sure to be surprised, they are also going to have a great time.

There are a few tips that will help you with planning a Caribbean theme parties at Christmas.

Tip #1--Decorations Should Be Tropical

Finding tropical decorations during the middle of the winter might not be the easiest thing to do.  While local stores are not likely to have tropical style decorations on display some of them will have them in the back, just ask.  Others will be able to refer to their national websites where you can order any type of decorations any time of the year.  Props like beach chairs, a paddling pool filled with sand, and inflatable palm trees will really help set the stage.

Tip #2--Create Beach Themed Activities for Guests to Enjoy

Think of the activities that you might participate in on the beach and then figure out which ones you can host at your Caribbean themed parties at Christmas.  Some good ideas include a sand castle contest which can be done with different little pools filled with sand around the room, a limbo contest, or a best beach body contest.  These activities can be fun for everyone and will encourage participation during your event.

Tip #3--Choose Caribbean Themed Entertainment

If you are going to be hosting a Caribbean themed party at Christmas then it is essential that your host has a sense of fun and the entertainment reflects the Caribbean vibe. There are probably small local steel bands or reggae bands that you can find.  If these are not available you can choose a DJ that will play reggae, sooca, marenge who will create a special set list just for your event.

Tip #4--Find Delicious Caribbean Food

Finally you must make sure that you get high quality authentic Caribbean food on the menu for the event.  Unless you know someone who is from the Caribbean and is willing to cook for your party, it is advisable to choose a caterer that is well known for their Caribbean dishes.  If you are not familiar with caterers then you can search for a local Caribbean restaurant and ask if they can cater for you

The best thing about Caribbean themed parties at Christmas is that you will be able to offer guests something new that will create memories of a lifetime.

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Caribbean islands are known for their flavours that are rich and spicy and for their entertaining and live music. Caribbean theme restaurants in various cities are the new concept and you can enjoy Christmas celebrations in Caribbean style there.  If you are looking for Caribbean food and music on Christmas book your party in Caribbean restaurant and have the greatest Christmas with your family and friends. 

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How to Have Caribbean Themed Parties at Christmas

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This article was published on 2013/10/31